Saturday, February 28, 2009

Impressive Noble Bathroom

Look at this bathroom! It's like we have travelled in time to the 19th century into a castle of kings and dukes. Almost every design element feels grand, luxurious and solid at the same time. Such an impression is created by abundance of marble and accentuated with details like the large twin bathtub, gold finish, the palette of colors, the velvet claret curtain, and even some kind of a noble houseplant. Charming!
Yes, I admit that not everyone may like it, but personally, I love it!

Sunny Window Valance

Window valance is an essential way of decorating windows. Proper combination of wallpapers and window valances brings sunny and fresh hues to the room and help to create the effect of sunny sky. It can be applied to different kinds of rooms where you need to create an impression of cosiness and warmth. It is wonderful how easy you can combine it with various interior colours - from whitish to dark, from pastel to bright shades.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Table-Bookshelf-Cabinet Bed

If you are a fan of productivity and efficient usage of space, this model of bed is certainly for you.
This wonderful bed combines a desk, a cabinet and a mini-library in one piece of furniture. It is also a nice place for a romantic supper or a cup of coffee in the morning...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cute Curtain Clasps For The Children's Room

A good idea for decoration your children's room are curtain holders in form of toy figures. Cute animals clasp the curtain in their paws. It's so lovely! You can choose colors and species of animals to suit your room and tastes of you and your children. Be sure to choose the favorite animals of your kids, otherwise your ingenuous creative idea may be spurned. What is worse that giving a cat to a dog lover or vice versa? If you make the proper choice, the toy animals will undoubtedly be loved by your child and become their best friends. In the day the toys will hold the curtains, and in the night they can be hugged by the sleeping child. Well, at least if you wash them regularly to avoid dust buildup :) Good luck!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Photo Frames As An Interior Decoration

These days photo frames are very popular. They not only protect photos but are a part of interior design. Depending on stylistic requirements of a particular interior, you can select any kind of material for your frame. Wood, glass, aluminium, plastics (and combinations of the above), as well as more exotic materials like crystal. Frames with crystal inserts became widespread because they suit tastes of a very broad scope of people. When placed on walls they can give a fresh look to an old interior with minimal effort. You can place photo frames on walls, tables, shelves and wherever else. On a big wall can make a whole ornament of them! That's inexpensive and very cute. Digital photo frames, a modern technology of the 21st century, is a good idea when it comes to decorating your desktop.