Friday, August 7, 2009

An extremely cosy bedroom with an alcove bed

The first thing that you notice in this bedroom is its amazing coziness. Look, there is a bookshelf just above the bed. I'm sure it's there for a reason: that bed just calls to get under the blanket and read books in the light of the window all day long.

[Alcove bed with a bookshelf]

Coziness is the main quality of a bedroom, don't you think? That's why this bedroom's interior design is definitely a success.


  1. wow
    that bed is soo beautiful
    i will definatley see if i can have one :)

  2. It makes me think of rainy days :3 Which are my favorite days to read on, especially on the back porch listening to the wind blow through the trees and the creek run by AND the rain on the roof xP

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