Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fresh way of thinking

How do you like this one?

[Fresh way of thinking]

As far as I can see, all those square parts of the mirror are attached at a slightly different angle, so you can't see a whole image of yourself in that mirror. I wonder whether it is fun or annoying when you try to use it as a... Well, as a mirror.

The sofa is just as cool as the mirror, especially the pillows. I'd even say, the pillows wouldn't look so good without that gray sofa, while the gray sofa would be too gray without these creative pillows. Congratulations to the designer of this interior for his or her fresh way of thinking.


  1. hmm i think the room seems to like "dry" and "flat", yes the designers got the point with the pillow but still don't effect the entire interior. the mirrows fits the brick on the left column, it's very creative.

  2. Your blog it`s very interesting:)