Thursday, September 24, 2009

White kitchen with metal elements

Take a look at this kitchen:

[Spacious white kitchen with metal elements]

At first sight, it seems light, spacious and charming. But then we notice lots of white color, and that seems a bit tedious. Bright color palettes are certainly great for kitchens, but it should be kept in mind that a white-on-white scheme is only good for small kitchens, and not for a kitchen of that size. As for me, it needs a little bit of dark accented elements, just as the tabletop and the appliances. The team of white and metal will look very good!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Bowerbird, a designer bird

In Australia and New Guinea lives a bird specie called Bowerbirds. Males builds for themselves some sort of huts, and then decorate them in a very creative way.

[Nest of the designer bird decorated with blue pieces]

[Another nest, decorated with shells]

Interestingly, the birds don't actually live in those bowers. They are needed just to attract a female and couple with her. They specifically target the design of those nests for females, and it's being noted that even human females do like them. Look how they use various items to decorate the entrance of their nests (video). That's definitely not what you would imagine if someone says that there exist a designer bird, isn't it?

The existence of such a birds arises an interesting question: is human urge of decorating everything that surrounds us an animal instinct? We definitely would want to believe that this is something that is specific only to such intelligent creatures as humans. What do you think?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hundreds of hearts for girls' room

Every girl wants to be a princess. And her room is the first step for the dream to come true.

[Great wallpaper with hundreds of hearts for girls' room]

To my mind, this girls' room has some attributes of fabulousness. First of all, the canopy. As you can see, this canopy has unusual, rocket-shaped form, and that gives the whole room some novelty. And of course, a real zest of this room is the wallpaper with hundreds of hearts. Doesn't it look nice? Even at the moments when the girl's mother isn't near her, these warming hearts remind that her how beloved she is.

But unfortunately I can't say this room is perfect. It looks a little dry as for little girl. I'd add some accessories and quilling.