Saturday, October 31, 2009

"African" style living room

How about to let some African motives into your home?

[A living room with a terracotta leather sofa and some gold and black elements]

As for me, it's a cool idea: this living room looks interesting, chic and simple at once. Aren't these qualities what we desire when creating an interior design?

The central element of this living room is the stylish "african" leather sofa. And those zesty accessories complement this African style interior like a charm. And finally, a team of terracotta, gold and black colors round off the impression.


  1. I adore Africa the African culture and the wonderful arts crafts and home decor.
    Most of my home is decorated African style. I get so many comments about various items.
    It's cool.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Am I going nuts or is that an ivory tusk on the coffee table. I would ask designers to stop assisting in the slaughter of our animals in 3rd world countries just because pats of their bodies look good on your coffee tables and skins on floors. Do you have no morality or care for the future of our countries or the generations to come who will never see what their motherland looked like before the mass slaughter of animals and hardwoods for the 1st world decorator.
    Al-Karim Wissani - Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania

    1. i appreciate the sense of responsibility of the persons comment above. I myself being an interior designer from India would never agree to be insensitive in using animal parts for decoration.

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