Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fantastic carousel room for the twins

Look at this lovely photo! It's one of the most fantastic child's room that I've ever seen.

[A fairytale children's room with carousel which carries two cribs for the twins]

This room is made by creative desiners of a company called "Kidtropolis". They've created a real paradise for the little ones by transforming the kid's room into a fairytale carousel.

Here you can see the perfect combination of details and color palette, which make this room so cosy and comfortable, and what's especially cool that it equally suits both girls and boys. But the main accent of this interior is actually the furniture - that great carousel, which carries two cribs (for the twins!) as well as two carousel horses, which look like guards for the kids during their sleep.

[Play zone of this creative kids room]

I'm totally in love with this gorgeous room. How could you not love it?


  1. This is gorgeous I absolutely love it, not sure if it makes me broody or I want to regress 25 (ahem) years and move in myself