Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Main Features of the Indian Type of Oriental Design

Eastern (oriental) style interior design receives attention of more and more people all over the world. Indian is one of the most prominent of all the Eastern styles. It is interesting for its wealth look, elegance, romance and sensuality.

[Bright oriental room with a long couch and a lot of pillows on it, with a carpet on the wall]

The following features characterize the Indian style most of all:

  • Use of natural materials
  • Hand-made furniture with a lot of carving
  • Use of commodes and multifunctional chests, bedside tables
  • Furniture is always low, without legs and any acute angles
  • Peculiar features: some furniture items can be easily transformed and often change their location
  • Quiet colors for the walls, while accessories (such as pillows, figurines, carpets) are always bright, with a sense of celebration
  • The floor is usually light (made of light wood or an imitation of it)
  • Most fabrics are of course silk.


  1. Nice mix of traditional ethnic and the modern sofa and floor.

  2. I totally love the Indian style of interior design. The use of natural materials along with bright fabrics really does it for me.