Monday, January 9, 2012

French Country Style Kitchen

Today I have a kitchen that's done in one of my favourite styles.

[Green and ivory french country style kitchen with bronze-colored metal light fixtures]

This "french country style" interior is a sophisticated combination of peacefullness, softness, and richness. Look how refined its color palette is!

And also notice how charming are the bronze-colored metal light fixtures and furniture elements. There was definitely a lot of talent applied to this room.


  1. it seems the dining table blocks the walk way.

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  2. How lovely! The colors are so sweet!

    1. "french country style" Wow! really Lovely and Cool

  3. "french country style" Wow! really Lovely and Cool

  4. Ah, I love that. It looks like something right out of a fairy tale!

  5. This French Country Style is timeless yet classical interior architecture. The color palette is so relevant with today's trending colors.

  6. That really looks like something taken out of a storybook, too cute to actually live in, but nice nevertheless.

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  9. wow this is amazing kitchen interior design it was so elegant .. i really appreciate this post.

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  10. Great style. I really like this. Beautiful color and design.

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  11. Wonderful kitchen design...Thanks for sharing...


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